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Yale Daily News 10/4/13; Ortlieb, Pierre. Festival showcases local art

New Haven Register 10/5/13; Doherty, Donna. 'Reveille' - Artspace Calls Adventurous Types to Open Studios

New Haven Independent 10/7/13; Appel, Allen. City Wide Open Studios Opens with a Blast

New Haven Living 10/11/13; Arnott, Christopher. Celebrating Art

Town Green District 10/11/13 City Wide Open Studios!

The Arts Paper, 10/1/13 The Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Facilitating Conversation About Art


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New Haven Register 8/18/12; Stannard, Ed. Artspace event to take place at the Register

Yale Daily News 9/14/12; Wang, Yanan. Avant-Garde, Crystallized

Yale Daily News 9/14/12; Orbison, Jake. Ars Mobilus

New Haven Register 9/30/12; Doherty, Donna. Break Out the Crystal, Open Studios Celebrates its' 15-Year Love Affair with Artists

I Love New Haven Blog 10/1/12; Randall, Chris. City-Wide Open Studios 2012

WPKN 10/2/12; Richardson, Valerie. Radio Interview with Helen Kauder, Executive Director of Artspace, on CWOS

The Arts Paper 10/3/12; Brensilver, David A. CWOS Celebrates "Crystal Anniversary"

Yale News 10/4/12; Gonzalez, Susan. Yale Artists to Showcase Their Work in City-Wide Open Studios

Yale Daily News 10/5/12; Ben-David, Yuval. Open Studios Give Local Artists Visibility

New Haven Register 10/5/12; Staff. Ninth Square Will Be Aglow on Friday Night

New Haven Independent 10/8/12; Appel, Allen. CWOS Crawl Reveals "Potato Belief System"

New Haven Register 10/11/12; Staff. Erector Square in New Haven Hosts City-Wide Open Studios Oct. 13 and 14

I Love New Haven Blog 10/12/12; Kerekes, Jeffrey. I Love New Haven: CWOS

Yale Daily News 10/12/12; Mittal, Devika. Grab Your Passport, Think a Little Harder

New Haven Register 10/19/12; Doherty, Donna. City-Wide Open Studios' Alternative Space Weekend Turns New Haven Register Into an Art Space (video)

New Haven Register 10/20/12; Walmsley, Ebony. Open Studios' 15th Anniversary Event Ending in Register on Sunday

New Haven Independent 10/22/12; Appel, Allan. Artists Invade Pressroom, Envision "New Things"

New Haven Register 10/24/12; Stannard, Ed. Artspace's Register Weekend Was Wild, Wonderful, and Way Too Short

I Love New Haven Blog 10/25/12; Randall, Chris. City-Wide Open Studios

I Love New Haven Blog 11/2/12; Kerekes, Jeffrey. CWOS @ The NHR

Out of Order Magazine 12/6/12; Kovalcik, David. New Haven, A City of Uncanny Art


New Haven Register 10/12/11; Doherty, Donna. City-Wide Open Studios has lots of new things—a light show, a passport, and a high-tech toy

CT Art Scene 10/12/11; Hoffman, Hank. City-Wide Open Studios, sponsored by Artspace, begins this weekend

Yale Daily News 10/21/11; Linshi, Jack. Open Studios, Erector Square

Working at Yale October 2011; Artists Among Us  


New Haven Independent 10/15/10; Sepulveda, David. Open Studios Meets Westville Renaissance

New Haven Register 9/19/10; Doherty, Donna. 'Open' Really Is: City-Wide Open Studios Returns to Three-Weekend Format

New Haven Independent 9/10/10; Bass, Paul. Urban Renewal Couldn't Kill These Nails

New Haven Register 8/17/10; Birke, Judy.  Artspace' Open Studios Exhibit Portens Good Things for Fall

CWOS 2010 Blog


New Haven Advocate 05/20/09; Kobasa, Stephen Vincent. On City-Wide Open Studios


New Haven Advocate 09/11/08; Kobasa, Stephen Vincent. A case against artists who sulk

New Haven Register 07/13/08; Doherty, Donna. City-Wide Open Studios scales back to one weekend


New Haven Advocate 11/01/07; Kobasa, Stephen Vincent. Open warfare

New Haven Independent 10/15/07; Cuckovich, Linda. City-Wide Open Studios Turns 10 in Style

New Haven Advocate 10/11/07; Arnott, Chris. Wishin' and Open

New Haven Advocate 10/11/07; Theofilos, Tyler. Art Abounds

New Haven Advocate 10/11/07; Kobasa, Stephen Vincent. No sale

CT Art Scene 10/10/07; Hoffman, Hank. City-Wide Open Studios 10th anniversary, Friday night opening


New Haven Advocate 10/12/06; Kobasa, Stephen Vincent. Familiarity and contempt


New Haven Register 10/20/05; Garriga, Maria. New Haven's annual open studio extravaganza brings out crowds

New Haven Independent 10/10/05; Bass, Paul. The Art of Real Estate Dreams

New Haven Register 10/9/05; Doherty, Donna. ARTS-travaganza

Yale Bulletin & Calendar 10/7/05; Gonzalez, Susan. Yale community members will share their unique artistic visions at City-Wide Open Studios

Yale Bulletin & Calendar 10/7/05;  Annual festival lets local artists showcase their works


New Haven Register 10/3/04; Luria, Aviva. Inside the artists' studios.

Arts! October 2004; Bresnick, Hanni (misprint attributed story to Nicky McHugh). City-Wide Open Studios: Artists transplanted, sustained, and exposed.

Yale Bulletin and Calendar 10/1/04; Gonzalez, Susan. City-Wide Open Studios celebrates its seventh year.


Art New England October-November 2003; Fort, Robert. Rolodex at "open studios" was diabolical diversion.

Hartford Courant 10/2/03; Luna, Amy Ellis. New Haven hosts visual feast of art. Note: the Courant will ask you to register to view the article for a fee; registration is free.

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